The Epson Projector 8350 is the most successor product of best-selling 8100 projectors and also one of the latest additions to Epson's LCD projectors. Epson 8350 is created with entertainment, in mind. As the conclusion, not only that you can expect to get high-quality photos out of it, but also very stylish design and easy setup approach. Epson Customer Support will help you to the setup of your projector and also resolve your troubles of projectors. And, Having said that, does Epson Projector 8350 genuinely deliver an outstanding ability as expected from it?


First of all, let's begin by differentiating the Digital Light Processing (DLP) and Liquid Color Display (LCD) projectors. There are basically various technical variations in between those two. Nonetheless, to manage things easier, let's focus in the contrast and brightness. Due to the installed technologies inside, Epson’s LCD projectors give brighter photos compared to what DLP deliver. In fact, it accepts a DLP projector about 30% extra lumens to show the same brightness point delivered by an LCD projector. However, The DLP PROJECTOR projectors display is much higher contrast compared to LCD projectors. Whether or not to choose the LCD or DLP projector is really a thing of preference and will need.

Epson 8350 projector is the LCD projector with 2,000 lumens in it. We should say thanks to Epson 50,000:1 contrast ratio and D7 chip, this 1080p Full High Definition projector is an ideal machine to present your favorite sports matches, movies, and video games on the wide-screen entertainment expertise.

Epson introduced latest LCD panel which was originally only placed in the greater class projectors, the well-known Ultra Black (UB) series. As the conclusion, Epson 8350 gives improved black point capability compared to its predecessors. You’ll, nevertheless, care that its black level capability nonetheless lags behind the Ultra Black series. Yet, comes at virtually half the cost of Ultra Black series of projectors, it is imposing for users to disagree about this fact. 

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One alluring improvement created by the Epson is in the lamp life stipulation. Frequent users of all digital projectors will have considering of that a projector's lamp isn’t a thing replacing and affordable and it’ll take much service cost. Nonetheless, Epson specified that the lamp in the House Cinema 8350 will last for about 4,000 hours just before the replacement is needed. That is way higher than most models obtainable in the marketplace and also will allow the users to save much more money in the lengthy run. Moreover, the advancement also enables this unit to spend much less power compared to other projectors. The 8350 unit, with a 200-watt lamp, provides outstanding brightness quality which typically takes other projectors 250-300 watt lamps to do.

So, does your Epson Projector 8350 deliver the supposed performance out of it?  If you have any question about your projector or facing any trouble while using your projector. So, you can contact anytime to Epson Customer Support for your any query related to your projector. They will resolve your problem with an exact solution. They provide support services through Phone Number, Email, and Live Chat program.